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Category: Acid Reflux

Improving Diet for Optimal Gut Health: With Dietitian Taavi Moore

Seattle-based food blogger and registered dietitian, Taavi Moore, has been making waves in the foodie world with her plant-based creations and expertise in all things gut health related! In this chat with Taavi, she shares her journey, experience as a clinical dietitian, and her expert advice on managing acid reflux through a balanced diet. With

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Client Journey Series: Havalina Gurevich

Hava, 55, came to us for help from acid reflux after decades of suffering from digestive symptoms she began to believe were “the price of eating”. Like many others, she had become discouraged with her doctor’s treatment suggestions, but she refused to give up hope and started researching alternative solutions. Hava began Terra Health Essentials

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Mushroom Coffee: A Gut-Healthy Brew for Better Digestion!

To start with, I’d like to 100% validate your addiction. I get it. We’re all friends here. And it’s not just about that energy boost. Coffee has some amazing benefits not everyone knows about.. like potentially delaying aging and reducing the risk of cognitive decline, depression, and even cancer. Yep, pretty phenomenal right? Unfortunately, with

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Heartburn Heating Up? Swap the TUMS for ACV

Sometimes you have to fight acid with acid. If you’ve been dealing with acid reflux and heartburn, you’ve probably been taking an acid blocker such as TUMS. Or an antacid like Nexium. However, these “solutions” often aren’t really solutions at all. It’s merely a short-term fix. Once you stop taking them, your heartburn comes back.

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ACV Gummies: A Delicious Way To Improve Digestion

Let’s Make Good Gut Health Easier to Digest Wouldn’t it be great if everything that’s good for you tasted just as good? Unfortunately that’s not always the case… I mean, does anyone wake up thinking “I’d love to start today with a shot of wheatgrass”?! That’s why you see 1000s of smoothie recipes that sneak

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Heartburn and Gastritis: What’s The Difference?

I used to think gastritis and heartburn were pretty much the same thing! So whenever I felt that familiar burning stomach pain I’d just pop a TUMs and get on with my day. If you’re in the same boat, you’re not alone. Many people get confused by these conditions because the symptoms of gastritis and

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